Six Sentence Sunday # 22

From the moment Cherry dried her tears and set her jaw to fight, Ro had begun gleefully rushing her all over Triple Oaks and beyond.

“Gatherin’ ammunition” the old woman had called it.

They’d visited carpenters, roofers, tilers, and painters, hiring a dozen young men. And, regardless of their trade, neither experience nor skill had been high on Aunt Ro’s list of desired qualifications.  The men she’d selected – whether green-eyed blonds, brown-eyed brunettes, or blue-eyed redheads,  brawny or sinewy, shy or flirtatious – all had one thing in common. Each in his own way was a dazzling specimen of his gender.

– chapter 4, Cherry’s War

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2 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday # 22
  1. Chi Shafto says:

    I just thought that green eyes are very sexy. I have deep brown eyes and i would really love to have green eyes. oh how i wish. ,:””;

    Take care

  2. Reynaldo Giglio says:

    for me, green eyes is the most beautiful.;

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