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“Do you believe in miracles?” “Yes.” “Do you think I could get a miracle?” “You’re going to get a miracle, Mom. Just not the one you think you want. It’s going to be so much better than that.” She nodded. Two

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Six Sentence Sunday # 21

Cherry  tapped her forehead lightly against the pine door frame as if to knock some sense into herself. She shouldn’t be here staring at her husband as he slept, taking the chance of being discovered, tempting herself to throw caution to the wind and touch

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Trivia Thursday # 20

In the early 1800’s snake charmers where plentiful in Cairo. Upon visiting a home the owner believed to be troubled with a snake the charmer might say: “I conjure thee, by our Lord Suleyman” (Solomon, son of David) “who ruled over

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Six Sentence Sunday # 20

He reached for the coin.  His fingers never touched it.   With the flick of his wrist the gentleman sent the coin sailing into the air.  It tumbled among the snowflakes, flashing metallic among the white. But this time the gentleman

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Trivia Thursday # 19

It was not unusual at a ball in the 1800s for dancers to have wax dripped down on them as they progressed around the floor – courtesy of the candles burning in the chandeliers above them. – source: What Jane Austin

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Six Sentence Sunday # 19

The cabbie frowned. His horse shifted and tossed her head. But the drunk hadn’t left. A white-sleeved arm extended out of the darkness, a glinting coin offered up by long elegant fingers. “Well, if I ain’t a’ Ant’ony Pig! A

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Trivia Thursday #18

In ancient Egypt a mother might eat a mouse to heal a sick baby. Afterwards she would put the bones in a bag tied with seven knots and hang it around the child’s neck for good luck. – source: Ancient

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