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Binge Battle

Here is an entry from my journal. The comments in blue were added so you could understand what I was talking about. Morning Pages 4-21-2012 Offer it up. Yesterday I met with my eating disorder specialist. I have Binge Eating Disorder. I haven’t purged in 22 years but

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Six Sentence Sunday # 24

Had that really been just a week ago?  A wry smile tugged at her lips. Her new life was  a far cry from the sunny bungalow-on-the-beach with art-trumps-comfort furnishings she’d shared with David. Though centered on a wide tree-lined lane in

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Trivia Thursday # 23

In the 1840s the slave-merchants who had previously sold slaves from the Wekalet el-Gallabeh in Cairo were forced to transfer their trade to a “city of the dead” (cemetary city) outside of Cairo called Kaid Bey because of the government’s belief the slave markets

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Four Bad Mommies

Today I’m confessing my motherly sins over at Please join me there!

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Six Sentence Sunday # 23

“Excuse me,” Lou Ann held up a finger to the women. She met the man as he reached the bottom step, arching her back just a little so that her round bottom stuck out and her even rounder chest thrust

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Trivia Thursday # 22

In the early 1800s in Cairo native Christian and Jewish men were easily distinguishable by the color of their turbans, which were black, blue, or light brown. – source: The Englishwoman in Egypt by Sophia Poole 1846

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Trivia Thursday # 21

In the early 1800s, in letters home, Sophia Poole describes the street of Cairo as generally narrow (5 to 10 feet wide) and unpaved. Though some streets were as little as 4 feet wide and a few could be forty or

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