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Eating Frogs

Mark Twain famously said that if it was your job to eat a frog, then it was best to do it first thing in the morning. Motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, published a book titled Eat That Frog! in which he

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Best Present Ever Again

Last year my kids each gave me five hours of labor for Christmas. I used it to clean the attic and designate the four corners: one for each of the three children and one for camping equipment. This revolutionized my life.

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Best Laid Plans

In true Murphy’s Law fashion, I got the flu for New Year’s. That set me back a couple of weeks. But the great thing about setting New Year Goals rather than making resolutions is that you don’t break goals. With goals

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Happy New Year! 2014

A new year is so wonderfully lush with possibilities.  I’m ready to get started! So here they are, my 2014 goals and the steps I’m taking to help me achieve them: Write! Write! Write! removed the internet from the computer I write

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With all the kids away at college now, DH and I are doing a purge of the house. I came across this memory from long ago when I was pregnant with my oldest and thought I’d share. I stopped at the

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Where Have I Been?

My apologies for being absent so long. There’s a long, complicated version of why, but I’ll leave a lot out and give you the short version. Thirty-plus years of horrible debilitating pain. Many doctors. No help. Worse and worse. Finally an answer! Severe Gluten

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Get Lost in a Story

I am so excited! I’m being interviewed today on Get Lost in a Story. Please stop by and enter my drawing for a set of rose-tipped pens. Hope to see you there.

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Best Present Ever (part II)

In lieu of presents for Christmas 2012 my children each gave me five hours of labor. For weeks I stewed over the best way to use those precious hours. Then I asked myself this question: with empty-nestdom approaching, what could

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Best Present Ever (part I)

For Christmas 2012 I asked my kids not to buy me gifts. Instead, I asked each of them to give me five hours of labor. Two are in college so I knew money was tight which is why I thought that labor in

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Resolutions, Resolutions

I no longer make New Year resolutions because I rarely kept them. Instead, I decide on goals for the coming year and create a simple plan to achieve them. I don’t always reach my goals, but I do make real progress and have more success with goals than

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