Are you like me? Are you sometimes hungry to read something wonderful, but hesitate to start something new because it’s almost bedtime? You know if you start reading a  novel you might be tempted to stay up late and you really need to be bright-eyed the next day. Well, here’s a handy solution to keep in the digital reader on your nightstand.


Fifteen terrific and perfectly bedtime-sized stories from authors vetted by one of the web’s most notoriously particular and pleasantly discerning review sites. The 2016 Immerse Or Die Anthology: ALL THESE SHINY WORLDS is available free on Amazon.  Don’t hesitate. Get it right away.

And yes, I do have a story in it. Happy reading and lovely dreams!

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10 comments on “Free
  1. Jo Richards says:

    I’ll fire up my Kindle today and take a look. Blessings and success. Love, Jo R

  2. Thanks, Jo. This anthology just hit #1 on Amazon in its category so I think you’ll find many stories in it that you’ll enjoy. 🙂

  3. Zeruah says:

    Downloaded last night, read this morning! Loved it. Is this shaping up to be a series?

    Oh, and congrats!

  4. Kate says:

    I just finished The Blue Breeze– it put “Avatar” to shame. ( and I’m not only referring to tree-hopping blue people.) It is an almost perfectly-crafted tale; when I was studying David Lynch’s films in the 90s, my professor commented that the very best written stories & screenplays play out completely, in the first few pages ( or minutes). I cannot seem to do this in my own writing, but you have the Gift: it’s right there in the beginning. Crap. I can’t text & do it justice. Just know it was stunning. And thank you.

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