Starting Something New

I’m on pins and needles.

In my May post I listed all the things that were happening in May and said that when I got past those events (which were wonderful!) I’d have the rest of the summer to write and sip mint tea on the porch. Well…

It’s summer. I haven’t written in a week. There’s been no mint tea on the porch. As usual I’m running around putting out various domestic fires (nothing earth shaking but all important to someone in the moment) and what I need to do for me is getting lost.

So my choices are: continue to eat flies all day for the rest of the summer hoping I can eat my frog in autumn when kids return to school…OR BUG OUT! (pun intended).

Banking on “getting it all out of the way” in May so I’d be free to write this summer didn’t work. The spring stuff was simply replaced by new summer stuff. If I wait for the summer stuff to end and the autumn peace to arrive, the summer stuff may simply be replaced by new autumn stuff. Because that’s the way life works. Mine anyway.

Here you may be thinking: just grow a spine and say NO! to all the distractions. But here’s the thing. The word no comes easy as pie for me to everyone except my husband and children. I so love saying yes to them! I just can’t help myself. So I need to be someplace where, for a few hours a day, the only person present to say yes to is myself.

That’s why I’m on pins and needles. This morning I have an appointment I hope will change the course of my summer – maybe even my life. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?

At my husband’s urging, I have an appointment with a real estate agent who I hope is going to locate an inexpensive office for me to work in – far away from all the wonderful yet derailing distractions of my home. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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8 comments on “Starting Something New
  1. Wendy S. Marcus says:

    Good luck!!! And what a GREAT husband you have! My ‘office’ is a desk in what would probably be the formal living room in our house…if we were formal living room kind of people. Which we’re not. So I’ve taken the small room off the dining room as my very own. Ha ha ha. There are two entrances, one from the dining room and one right off the entry way. I can hear everything that goes on in the kitchen. I can hear the ‘kids’ going up and down the stairs. I can block a lot out, but during the summer, when my children are around more, it is very difficult to write. On nice days I’ve taken to writing out on my screened in porch on my laptop. This works very well! I’ve also considered going to my public library and setting up shop. I see lots of people doing that. If necessary, I will.

    Good luck finding a private place to write!….or a very good pair of sound-blocking head gear.

    • Regina Richards says:

      You are one of the best I’ve ever met at “getting it done”, Wendy. Knowing all you accomplish with the same distractions is inspiring. But dh is right. I am who I am – easily distract-able and entirely too ready to jump to meet the kids needs/wants on a moment’s notice. So I’m afraid he’s right. I need a distraction free environment for the summer. I tried the library repeatedly, but there’s a time limit on the study rooms and the rest of the areas are heavily trafficked and no longer a whispers-only environment.

      A friend suggested a coffee shop instead. That worked well for about a week until the other regulars started taking an interest in me – “what’s your name?”, “what are you doing?”, and a dozen other questions. It makes you feel wonderfully welcome and you start to love the people there, but it is no more peaceful than home and I don’t like coffee so that didn’t work out.

      As evidence for why dh is right, he has been in here twice in the few minutes it’s taken to type this message to show me his woodworking project and ask where I keep the felt. Of course it starts out with, “I don’t mean to bother you, but…” and “I don’t want to distract you, but…” He is so cute that I can’t really get annoyed, but it is definitely distracting.

      lol, I haven’t finished this yet and I’ve had 3 more interruptions: “I’ve got an appointment with the dermatologist, where’s my insurance card?”, “What’s for lunch?”, and “I have a job interview!”. These from the kids.

      In the time it took me to type those words, dh came back in to ask another question. I adore them all! I want to spend every second with them. But you see why I can’t write at home until they go back to work and school.

  2. Lecah says:

    Waaaahoooo!!!! I’m hoping it goes well, because I’m running out of interesting reads. Actually, I already ran out, as nothing seems to hold my attention like your writing does 🙂

    And as a mom of three kids under 5 years old, I completely understand how hard it is to say “no”. I had to sit down with my husband and work out a schedule of “me time” for this summer! So I’ll be praying for your office space, and you can pray that I get my grown-up time!

  3. Three under five! Life at your house is guaranteed to be both busy and adorable!

    I so miss those years.

    Kudos to you for mapping out a little me-time this summer. That is a gift to your husband and children because it nurtures the wife and mom they love and need, allowing her to continue to be her best for them.

    Prayers your grownup time is all you need it to be. 🙂

  4. Wow!!! Wouldn’t that be something?! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  5. jagnikjen says:

    Best of luck, Regina!!!

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