Where Have I Been?

My apologies for being absent so long.

There’s a long, complicated version of why, but I’ll leave a lot out and give you the short version.

Thirty-plus years of horrible debilitating pain. Many doctors. No help. Worse and worse. Finally an answer! Severe Gluten intolerance. Stopped eating gluten. No more pain! Hallelujah!

But intestinal damage from years of gluten intolerance led to mal-absorption. That led to binge eating run amok as my body tried to get enough nutrition. Add in the sugar addiction most of the U.S.A. suffers from and the resulting insulin resistance plus a host of other troubles.

Fat. Exhausted. Frustrated. Went to an eating disorder therapist. Over many, many months transitioned from 16 binge incidents per month to 8 to 5 to none. Hooray! But, uh-oh, still had mal-absorption and now there was less food to wring nutrients from. A progression: exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, pain in large muscles, wrenching muscle spasms, pain in small muscles, awful pain in bones, horrible neuropathy. Blood tests. Prescription vitamin injections and capsules.

Neuropathy and bone pain vanished after just a week of vitamin injections. Wow! Wow! Wow! I can write. I can exercise. I can live again.

Anyway, that’s the abbreviated version of where I’ve been, and I am so happy and so very grateful to be back.

Brenda Novak Mentorship Contest Finalist Hot Prospects winner Enchanted Words finalist Happily Ever After winner Happy Housewife former homeschooler FlyBaby Bad Mommy! @ www.4badmommies.com

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12 comments on “Where Have I Been?
  1. Stinky Laurie says:

    Come to after party Tues! We need to trade stories!!! ❤ and ❤

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