Merry, Merry

I homeschooled my kids (for the sheer joy of it!) K-8 and then sent them to public high school and college. One of the things I learned early on in my homeschooling days was, for sanity’s sake, not to try to school during the month of December. So we took it off and just did Christmas, which made life so much more pleasant – less stressed, less rushed and (here’s the biggie) less guilt-ridden.

As I transition from a life that’s a little less mother and a little more writer, I’m finding December hasn’t changed. Between the shopping and decorating, visits and visitors, parties and special events a whole lot less writing than I’d committed myself to is happening. So I’ve decided to take a lesson from my homeschooling days and let go of the guilt and just enjoy December for what it is – a rollicking, frolicking, month of happy chaos.

So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!

Enjoy! Because (for me at least) it’s back to work in January.

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4 comments on “Merry, Merry
  1. Happy Holidays Regina! I’ve been puttering since the middle of December and plan to get back to real work in January, too! Good luck to us both!!!!

  2. You’re normally a tornado of productivity, Wendy. So if anyone deserves to take December off and just relax, it’s you. Happy December!

  3. Happy Holidays Regina! We’ve had pure chaos here but full of fun and love so I’ll take it. I just bought your book and am so excited to read it! Huge congrats!!

  4. Happy Holidays to you, Jen! I know your house must be hopping with all those adorable men making the holidays merry.

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