Something to Ponder…

The late motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, said thinking in terms of time is a trap that allows us to be less and do less than we might otherwise. He suggested thinking in terms of “number of times remaining” instead because it adds urgency and gives perspective. His example: if you go fishing once a year and believe you’ll live 20 more years, don’t say “I have 20 years left to fish”, but rather say “I may only get to go fishing 20 more times.”

I like that approach. It encourages me to be more selective about my activities, and more present to the things I do choose to spend my time on, because my time here on earth is finite and valuable.

What about you, how do you spend your time and would you choose differently if you thought of time differently?

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2 comments on “Something to Ponder…
  1. Wow! This is so deep I’m struggling to wrap my head around it. So rather than thinking, “I have 30 years left to see my mom,” I would think, “I might only have 30 Christmases left with my mom.”? Sort of morbid, but does definitely put into perspective the value of each holiday. This is great food for thought, Regina.

  2. Hi Annie,

    I so wish I had another Christmas with my mother and father.

    As my kids fly the nest, Rohn’s words do make me reflect on the fact that Christmas’s are changing. How many more years will it be just the five of us? In the future the kids may be bringing home a life-partner, their own kids, or spending Christmas with their in-laws. It does make each year seem more significant not only because it may be one of only a limited number remaining, but it may be one of a kind or the last one of a certain kind of those limited remaining Christmas’s.

    At any rate, I hope your run up to Christmas is full of just the perfect balance of excitement, busy fun, and peace.

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