Six Sentence Sunday # 19

The cabbie frowned. His horse shifted and tossed her head. But the drunk hadn’t left. A white-sleeved arm extended out of the darkness, a glinting coin offered up by long elegant fingers.

“Well, if I ain’t a’ Ant’ony Pig! A crown, sir?” The boy’s wariness dissolved as quickly as the snowflakes against the wet cobblestones.

– chapter 1, book 2, Blood Trilogy

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4 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday # 19
  1. Nas Dean says:

    The Cabbie has a horse? This long elegant fingers belong to a lady, I presume?

    But the boy called, sir, so it’s a man!


  2. The story takes place in the 1800s. That’s why the cabbie has a horse. 🙂

    And you’re right. It is a man. Thanks for stopping by Nas. 🙂

  3. When I first read this, I felt completely clueless…. But then I looked over and found your “what you’ll find here” section and it put everything into perspective. I now feel enlightened. 🙂 So with that said, the 6 sentences leave me wanting to know more.

  4. Hi Optimistic Mom. Sorry for the initial confusion, but I’m really pleased you stopped by..

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