Six Sentence Sunday #12

His buddies would laugh themselves sick if they could see him now. Jason Culler the decorated warrior, tough Texas cowboy, and steely eyed combat lieutenant standing dripping wet with his fists wrapped victoriously around his latest foe – a pink nightie. Jason groaned, imagining how willingly he would have surrendered had his wife been in it. But Cherry was gone, the nightie left behind, probably forgotten when she fled Culler Ranch. It must have blown off the clothes line and been snagged in the bushes until he, highly trained combat soldier that he was, wrestled the dangerous garment to the ground and subdued it.

Jason lifted the bit of silk to his cheek and then hung it over his bare shoulder; the feel of it against his flesh  both comforting and tormenting, he retrieved his duffel and let himself into the empty house.

– chapter 3, Cherry’s War

Brenda Novak Mentorship Contest Finalist Hot Prospects winner Enchanted Words finalist Happily Ever After winner Happy Housewife former homeschooler FlyBaby Bad Mommy! @

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