Six Sentence Sunday #2

Osborne stood and tossed some coins to the table.

“Surely we can be more generous with one so lovely,” the fair one said. His smile turned the waitress pink and she swayed toward him, the wine bottle on her tray teetering dangerously.

We are always very generous with my money,” Osborne said. But he tossed down more coins before moving toward the street.

 The fair one took a coin from the table and,  holding it betwen two fingers,  skimmed the edge lightly down the length of the waitress’s neck, releasing it at her collarbone. The coin dropped into the woman’s cleavage and the fair one leaned to one side to study the ground, clucking his tongue when it failed to reappear at her feet.

– chapter 3, book 2, Blood Trilogy

Brenda Novak Mentorship Contest Finalist Hot Prospects winner Enchanted Words finalist Happily Ever After winner Happy Housewife former homeschooler FlyBaby Bad Mommy! @

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